“I count it a privilege to strongly endorse the ministry of Bob & Nancy Hitching and the Roma Bible Union. I have known Bob and followed his life and ministry for almost half a century.  In my view they also have a fantastic marriage and partnership that helps in their effectiveness. Indirectly it’s my fault that he in his early years on OM had a horrific time in a Turkish prison due to spreading the Gospel in that needy nation. I have endorsed his ministry publicly around the world as a great example of radical grace and how he uses all kinds of people. My new book More Drops (in the USA Messiology) expresses my radical thinking along this line. With our Special Projects ministry we have counted it again a great blessing to support their work.  A couple years ago I ministered in Hungary among many who work with Bob and among the Roma. I was so encouraged by what I heard. The Roma Bible Union is taking on one of the most difficult missions challenges in all Europe and we need to support and stand with this ministry in prayer and financial support.” 

Dr. George Verwer – Founder and Former International Director Operation Mobilisation

“Real passion and vision are hard to find but compelling when truly modelled. This ministry is one you can count on to present the Gospel, show the love of God in a practical sense and provide ways and means for human flourishing often denied to those despised or neglected. I heartily commend this vital work.”

Dr. Stuart McAllister – Regional Director Americas – Ravi Zacharias International Ministries and Former Secretary General European Evangelical Alliance

“I have known and worked with Bob Hitching for years and I would not be in ministry today were it not for his influence in my life. I have also watched the growth and development of the Roma Bible Union and am duly impressed with the heart, passion and execution of their mission to love the Roma into the Kingdom.”

Ted Esler, PhD – President – Missio Nexus

“There are few people known to me who have so deeply impacted the shaping of Pioneers than Bob Hitching. I first met Bob in the late 1980s, when I had only recently taken over the directorship of the mission from my father, Ted Fletcher, the founder. Bob immediately came alongside me and the mission with counsel, guidance, and strategic vision.

He was there when our first leaders needed him as a friend, coach, mentor. Within a couple of years of our first meeting, Bob had become the Chairman of the Board and was the main inspiration behind the formation of our core values as well as the inspiration for us becoming a global movement – only an idea that led to a vision of serving the global church.

As the architect of our international structure, Bob was present in Indonesia at the first meeting of our International Leadership Team … the rest, as they say is history. Pioneers is now a movement of close to 3,500 members in over a hundred countries around the world, and I for one, see very clearly how God used Bob to profoundly impact who we are and what we do to this very day.

To this day, our work throughout Europe is the fruitful result of Bob’s selfless ministry to help us recruit and launch our first teams there in the mid-1990s. In his own self-effacing way, Bob sometimes refers to himself as ‘the chief of sinners,’ but I have always regarded him as ‘the chief of missionaries’ and one of my very best friends and one who has deeply impacted my own devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ.

It gives me joy to commend to you God’s servant, Bob Hitching. May the Lord’s blessing continue to flow in and through this man who has touched the nations in the powerful Name of Jesus.”

John Fletcher – Sr. Vice President of Global Ministries Pioneers USA – Former International Director

“I have followed Bob Hitching since we were together in India 45 years ago. The last 15 years have been especially exciting to be part of both as a friend and advisor. To witness God’s hand upon Bob and Nancy in the founding of the Roma Bible Union has been breathtaking. The mentoring programme alone, assisting Roma Christians to become writers resulting in their work now being distributed to churches all across Central Europe, is groundbreaking. In the more than 100 countries where my wife and I have worked with Operation Mobilisation we have seen nothing quite like it. I warmly and enthusiastically commend the unique ministry of RBU.”

Peter Conlan – Assistant to OM founder George Verwer, and former Projects Director OM Ships

“I have been witness to the Roma Bible Union from its earlier days of inception into a Jesus movement touching thousands of lives each year for the light of the Gospel.

Might the breath of God fill their sails and might you aid their effort in every way you can.  The dedication of Bob, Nancy and their team, speaks volumes to those of us here within the same region of Europe.

If Bob’s oral and written spiritual challenges and humor shakes us up a bit, then so be it.   Better for us to be challenged than succumb to any spiritual apathy.  I fully commend to you the RBU ministry.”

Dane Hanson, Regional Leader, Operation Mobilization Balkans