About the Roma Bible Union


RBU as a Network Fellowship, is a group of Christian Workers who are working together on a series of projects and initiatives that relate to the Roma in Eurasia.

There are four levels of membership within RBU:

  • RBU Staff – Are those Christian Workers who have RBU as their primary organizational membership.
  • RBU Dual Organization Members – Are those who have a Memo Of Understanding between RBU and their sending organization and who have chosen to function under RBU as their primary ministry outlet.
  • RBU Strategic Partners – Are those members who have an informal relationship with RBU and who work alongside RBU rather than RBU being its primary ministry outlet.
  • RBU Associates – This is the wider group of those who choose for RBU to be a mentoring fellowship, a ministry partner or a resource partner.


The Roma Bible Union (RBU) was born in 2001 when in the summer of that year Nancy Hitching made a 3-month fact-finding tour of the Bayash Roma regions of North Central Croatia.

The vision was born to bring the Bible, Literacy and Direct Spiritual Action into the Bayash Roma communities but with the distinctive of all outreach, publishing and projects being done as much as possible in the mother tongue of the Bayash people.

The work then grew over the years into a Family of Ministries that were expressed through the idea of Ministry Brands that would then be able to be used more widely than just on our own limited area.

The Ministry Brands that were developed were, The UNA Club – a Bible Literacy movement for young children, Arata – a Pre-Teen Bible study and activity Club, Adunare a Bible teaching discipleship movement, a Bible translation ministry, Green Shutters Books – a Roma publishing house and Kaskada – a Vocational and Spiritual formation ministry.

RBU has developed into teams in Croatia, Serbia, and Hungary and with materials being used in many Central and Eastern European countries.