About the Roma People

The Roma, the term itself is simple yet what the term embodies is vast. Approximately 1000 years ago tribes of people from northern India began to move towards the West. Over several migrations these tribes settled in the Middle East, Central Asia and Europe.

As the centuries passed they clustered into clans or tribes not unlike the Native American Indian tribes in North America.

Today in Europe the Roma people are a diverse set of tribes or clans that speak nearly 100 different dialects and languages.

Historically, the Roma have been monotheistic drawing from Judaism, Islam and Christianity. There is a school of thought that the Roma maybe in some way connected to the Jews from the time of Daniel.

The Roma are now to be found in every country in Europe. There are approximately 12 million Roma with a birth rate that will double the population every 25 years.

Throughout history the Roma have never been accepted as part of any European society. Next to the Jews they have been the most consistently persecuted minority in the Continent.

Between 1941 and 1945, over 500,000 Roma were murdered in the Nazi gas chambers.

The persecution continues as there is not one country in Europe where they are welcome or accepted within the main stream of society.

It is to this people that The Roma Bible Union has been called.