Arăta Club

The Arăta Club ministry offers regular Bible and Discovery clubs for Roma youth. These clubs encouraged them to make biblically wise choices regarding their life and future, and emphasize the importance of reading and education.

As Roma youth approach and enter their teenage years they often face extremely significant and difficult life decisions such as staying or leaving school; or getting married and having children. This often plays into the adoption of a very cynical view of the world and their future. A majority of Roma teenagers in many countries never enter secondary school (high school). Far too often, this is the stage when innocence is lost and a hopeless cynicism begins to take root at a time far more early than that of his or her Western contemporary. Arăta Clubs helps Roma youth to develop a sense of wonder in God’s creation, fostering a closeness to God likely to be maintained in the later adult years of life.

Discovery Clubs for UNA-Tweens

Project Proposal – by Taylor Moineau

1.0 My goal for creating this club is to create an outlet for Roma children in their tweens-to-young-teen (10-13) to have a creative, observant and Bible-focused outlet for learning. Rather than give them long Bible studies, I want to tie a fascination with the world and nature in to worship of the One True God. To link learning, practical and observation skills within a context of a Biblical worldview.

2.0  Eclectic Areas of learning:

2.01 Scripture Bible Stories

2.02 Linked with the lesson about science

2.03 Scripture memorization connected to nature. Each Bible Memory programme would visually or kinaesthetically connected to nature from God’s view concerning:


  • Local flowers
  • Local trees
  • Local Fungi – Guided
  • General plant science


  • Birds
  • Local varieties
  • Science of birds
  • Bugs
  • Local varieties
  • Science of bugs
  • Insects
  • Arachnids
  • Others


  • Local varieties
  • Science of Mammals

Reptiles & Amphibians

  • Local varieties
  • Science of Reptiles/Amphibians


  • May be difficult with limited movement to explore this area fully.

2.04 Environmental Stewardship Through Biblical Connections

  • Climates
  • Biomes
  • How can we be good stewards?

3.0  Bible stories that link to the following topics which by default will create a Biblical Worldview.


  • Biome study
  • Meadows
  • Plains
  • Brushland
  • Animals of the field
  • Birds
  • Bugs


  • Biome study
  • Wooded areas
  • Birds
  • Bugs


  • Biome study
  • Rivers
  • Lakes
  • Ponds
  • Oceans

Animals of the Stream

  • Fish
  • Birds
  • Bugs

4.0  Practical skills

  • Lighting a fire with no matches.
  • Reading a compass and navigating a basic map.
  • Identifying edible plants.
  • Celestial land navigation. –
  • Fishing.
  • Creating a tent/lean-to from basic materials.
  • Using a bug net.
  • Crafting various materials on the go (fishing pole, etc).

This is just a rough outline but it should suffice to show that Arăta needs to be not just another Bible Club for Pre Teens but rather a Nature Discovery Club but from a Biblical Worldview perspective.

As always time lines are difficult to determine but by Summer 2018 we are trusting a programme even at the rudimentary level will be in place.

If you would like up dates on Arăta please contact me at: