Church Planting

Launching September 2017


Roma Bible Union Church Planting

We must be very careful when making generalisations that appeal to stereotypes. At the same time we must be honest in the analysis that we make of those we love and care for to see enriched spiritually through a genuine encounter with Our Lord Jesus Christ.

We have made the decision that initially three of us in RBU will be attached to the Reformed Episcopal Church, whose regional Bishop is Bishop Jasmin Milić based in Croatia.

Our goal is to try, to some extent in desperation, seek a new order of Common Life in the Bayash communities where we will minister.

The following is the pervading worldview of the Bayash Roma who are spread throughout Hungary, Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia:

  • Sees outside world as enemies
  • Event rather than Clock view of time 
  • Low view of the sanctity of Marriage
  • Low mean average education 
  • Low view of future planning 
  • Antagonistic to authority 
  • Low view of discipline
  • Low view of contract and covenant 
  • High view of the supernatural
  • Low view of work and reward 

This appears a very harsh analysis but most who know these regions and this People Group would agree. With this in mind we are choosing to create a new model of Church that relates to confronting these difficult issues.

  1. We want to see Faith expressed in Homes before people attend Church gatherings. With this in mind we have a Family Devotions model that we want to follow whereby Faith is first and foremost expressed at home and in family relationships.
  2. We will be using a simplified version of the Book of Common Prayer to conduct in home Prayers and Blessings. In short, it will be a “Cottage Liturgy”.
  3. We are going to exercise a clear distinction between Discipling people into a sense of the Sacred and a Divine Order as opposed to some of the other more individualistic contemporary models. We will use signs and symbols to assist in this process.

This will be the starting point and we will see how this grows and develops. Our first “Cottage Liturgy” meetings will begin in September after one of us is licensed by the Reformed Episcopal Church.

There will be a set of Foundations, all designed to bring spiritual discipline into the communities we will serve, that have long term spiritual sustainability as the goal:

  • High View of Personal Repentance
  • High View of Holy Communion
  • High View of Liturgy
  • High View of Scripture
  • High View of Apostolic Tradition
  • Liturgical resources translated into Bayash Mother Tongue dialects

Our vision is to create communities that have certain parameters to live a Common Life within:

  • Love and Devotion to the Lord Jesus
  • Open Heart of Obedience to Scripture
  • Love for all those that love the name of Christ
  • Serving the Poor and the Oppressed
  • An Eschatology of Hope
  • Sign, Symbol and Semiotics as part of Worship

To see this become a reality there are several steps that have be taken and they are built around our Logo and Symbol. Each of the colours and symbols mean something and will used to explain who we are as a point of first contact.

A. The name is very important: “Reformatik Episkopal Biserikâ dâ Bajaš”. In short, this Church movement is for the Bayash and wherever possible in their Mother Tongue. This is our Church this is our language. God cares for the Bayash and God Loves the Bayash people.

Our Church Motto is:


B. Each of the Colours is a symbol. We start with Black that is around the edges. The darkness of sin covers us and shuts in to a dark spiritual place without God and no hope for the future.

C. The second colour is white. This symbolises what God desires for us, Purity and Innocence. We cannot have Purity and Innocence because we are trapped by the darkness and blackness of sin.

D. The third colour is red that represents the Blood of Jesus Christ God’s Son. His Blood touches our lives, if we repent, in that our sins are washed away. Our lives before him are made Pure and Innocent and we are no longer under the fear of Judgement. The Blood of Jesus Christ also has power to bind and remove the power of evil spirits from our minds, our homes our families and villages. The Blood of Jesus Christ also has the power to take away the power of death over our lives.

E. The fourth Colour is Green which symbolises new life and spring. Just as the forests turn green in Spring so the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ is how sin, death, and satan were fully defeated. All that was evil in man and the world of angels and demons was taken into Our Lord Jesus Christ when He died upon the Cross and he took it all of it into death and into the grave. He then rose victorious over all that is evil.

F. The fifth colour is blue with is a symbol of the heavens.

Blue represents three truths about Jesus and the heavens:

1. He came from Heaven and was born of the Virgin Mary. When God became man in Our Lord Jesus Christ the world was never the same again.

2. He spoke about Heaven when he preached the Kingdom of God has come among you.

3.  After the resurrection Our Lord Jesus Christ ascended into Heaven where he is now seated at the Right hand of God the Father Almighty and He has all authority in heaven and earth. No evil spirit can stand in his presence or be confronted by the power of his name. It is also from the Blue heavens he will come again to transform all that is here into a new heaven and a new earth.

G. Then come the actual symbols: The Dove, The Cross, The Shield, and the Alpha and Omega.

1. When Jesus ascended into heaven some days afterwards the Holy Spirit came. The Dove is a Symbol of the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit who has the power to turn our lives of darkness into lives that have Love, Joy, Peace, Faithfulness, Patience, Goodness, Kindness, Gentleness and Self Control.

2. The Cross means many things. It is the place where Jesus died and gave his Blood for us so that we would be free. It is also a symbol of how lives are to be lived not for ourselves but for the Lord. We die to our selfish desires.

3. The third symbol is the Shield of Faith. We are all soldiers in a mighty war. The scripture says that Jesus Christ came into the world to destroy the works of the Devil. He uses us in that battle and we need always to have the shield of Faith.

4. Lastly, is the Alpha and Omega. The Lord Jesus has authority from before the beginning and until after the end. Nothing can stop His plans for your life if you allow him to be your Lord, Your saviour and the one you follow every day.

This explanation of the Logo will be our point of contact when explaining who we are, of course the words will be much more simple than laid out here.

We will have a Bible Study Book based on these points and add it to the Adunare Bible Study series.

Our point of contact message will be: we are coming to start a church in your language for your culture that will seek to destroy the works of the Devil in your heart, home, and community.

We will have a special Newsletter for this vision called “Keble’s Ledge” so please go to the Contact Page and leave your contact details and request “Keble’s Ledge News”.