Decade of the Book


The Roma Decade of the Book
  • is a 10 year commitment to annual literature distributions in Roma villages and communities.
  • raises awareness for literacy among Roma men, women, and children.
  • assists Roma individuals as they pursue education and employment opportunities.

What do we do?

‘The Roma Decade of the Book’ is a movement calling for literacy equality for Roma men, women, and children. This project is producing and distributing Roma written novels, children’s books, comics, and Christian literature to Roma communities and villages all over Eastern Europe.

One of the distinctive aspects of this cause is that the distributed literature is in Hungarian, Serbian, Croatian, Romani Arli and Bayash dialects. It is a priority for the Roma Decade of the Book movement to distribute and showcase the work of Roma authors, writers, and artists in their mother tongue. At the heart of this cause is the conviction that every person deserves a chance to learn to read in their own language and to see people the same race, and with the same background, succeed.

Where have we been?

For two weeks in August 2016 an RBU group traveled about 2000 kilometers throughout Serbia visiting Roma communities and villages. They met with the local church leaders, agreed on the program for the visit, and introduced the Roma Bible Union and the materials they had brought. Others were then invited to the programs for kids and adults which involved songs and drama skits. In several places they held small art exhibitions of Roma artists’ work as well as painting from two of the distributed books Cat and the Custard, and The Fortune Teller’s Dream.

“The idea was great to combine reading and writing with sharing the Gospel and encouraging kids to study in general and study God’s Word as well. It was great to see that they were encouraged by seeing a Roma person had published a book and some were determined to follow her example. It was great to see the kids really enjoying and being happy singing songs about learning. They really enjoyed the games, the drama, etc.

It was also nice to connect with some new Roma churches for us, places were we didn’t go before and discovering new opportunities. It was a blessing also to introduce the work of RBU and team. It was a great ministry although sometimes had and difficult conditions but God blessed us with lots of new experiences.” – RBU team member

What are we distributing?


By sharing this post you are playing a small part in taking the gospel to Roma communities all across Eastern Europe. 

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