Suflit Biblical Wellness

The Suflit ministry focuses on the spiritual, physical, and mental health and wholeness of the Roma individual. RBU, through the ministry of Suflit, seeks to bring the love and hope of Christian counseling to Roma individuals and churches with wisdom, care, and spiritual discernment.

One-on-one counseling sessions, workshops, presentations, and mother tongue materials (produced by Green Shutters Publishing) are provided by Suflit for the Roma individual, pastor, and church member. This message of counseling, health, and wholeness is being shared through workshops, teaching, and written material with pastors working to bring healing to their own congregations.

One of the questions that comes up why we have, what we call “The Brands” and what is Suflit. The vision of RBU is clearly two key areas: Resource Roma Churches & Ministries, and then focus on the Bayash Roma with a some kind of long term Church Planting focus that is Mother Tongue e.g. Bayash language Churches.

The idea of Suflit came originally back in 2006 when our co-worker Anita who had a counselling ministry was finding there was no kind of counselling ministry within a Roma context other than what we were all doing together.

When we moved to Hungary we realised an even greater need for dealing with trauma especially in the lives of women. This was at the time that Jeannot and Julianna were with Pioneers. Jeannot and Julianna were then seconded to RBU and they still have an account to receive gifts with Pioneers but they work 95%+ of their time with RBU.

Julianna became the “Counsellor” wherever they would go. Roma Pastors, their wives, and so many women come to Julianna to talk, to pray, and to pour out their hearts. 

She studied under Anita in Vienna going through Grace Ministries programme and then enrolled in another Hungarian Christian counselling programme. 

At first we were looking for something more formal in terms of seminars and timed sessions and so forth but it just does not work like that in Roma culture.

We decided to do two things. We would combine Julianna’s ongoing counselling with Bob Hitching’s Spiritual formation teaching materials called, Spirituality in a Messy World and his Pastors Bible and Spiritual Formation series. 

So Julianna’s ongoing counselling and his working one on one with several Roma leaders and potential leaders in Spiritual formation…..this is Suflit.

We do dream of training others and moving this whole area into Duplication mode but for now the Brand is active but as outlined.