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There is a very real sense of unease and uncertainty all around in our lives these days. In Serbia Misha is always facing the reality of neo Nazi violence as the Roma can easily become the demonised target to blame for Covid. Please pray for peace for his family and the Church as they live in a tough place at a tough time.

In East Croatia, there is also much uncertainty as the economy is facing one of its hardest winters. Lets pray for the Nikolic family and Nina and Slobodan and children as they try to deal with many Roma who are wanting to leave the country because of hardships.

In West Croatia, Natasha is under enormous pressure as she is struggling with a tough pregnancy as well as her father who is suffering from the collapse of both Kidneys.

Here in Hungary we are facing one of the highest Covid per million cases ian the word and everyone is on edge. Nori and the children almost certainly have Covid and Peter Nori’s husband is a high risk person.

Please pray that “In quietness and confidence shall be your strength” would be all our experience.


There three categories of projects:

Ongoing Projects

The Winter/Christmas Edition of the Kaskada Magazine. We are training a Roma girl for the Graphic design. Andrijana, also Roma, is writing and recruiting other Roma Christian writers. It is a huge thing to have Roma reaching Roma.

The Bible Study Magazine for Pastors. At the moment I am doing all the writing and teaching for this project. This edition will be guidance on preparing sermons from the Book of Leviticus.

Pre-School Children’s books in several languages.

• Summer 2021 Outreach

Next summer we are planning two major outreaches with ONLY Roma workers. One project will be the first move into the Roma regions of Greece and Turkey. Misha will lead the whole programme with me assisting him and looking over his shoulder.

The second smaller project will be in Southern Hungary in the Bayash villages.

Long Term Structural Projects

UNA Clubs, Bible Study Groups, Pastors Sermon Prep. Forum

Please pray for eternal fruit, printing costs, travel, safety from violence. That God would be preparing hearts now.

The Crisis With Nationals Support

We had a supporter who was providing nearly all the support for the Nationals and they have had to stop supporting us this month. It has obviously caused lots of anxiety but there is a maturity growing in our group in terms of resting in the promises of God.

Please pray that we can something wonderful happen this month that can turn this situation around.

Trans-Generational Succession

This is far more complex that I had originally thought. I am now convinced that Misha and I need to work closer together geographically for up to 12 months.

Please pray that we can work this out for the long term ministry of RBU

The Arli Roma in Greece and Turkey

The region we are going to work this coming summer has probably 500,000 Roma. There are no known Roma Churches and no outreach among them. I am doing research with folks in Turkey to get a clear picture. The challenge is enormous.

Please pray that God would prepare hearts to receive the Words of Life.

The Bayash in Southern Hungary

We need a clear sense from the Lord what our future should be. So many false starts so many things have gone wrong. We need wisdom about the Bible translation project especially.

Please pray for wisdom and clarity as we plan for the future.

RBU and New Media

We are looking to link up with another group to produce an Internet TV and Radio hub for Roma. Many families are locked away in far out places.

Let's pray for the right partners and the right Roma leadership.

Personal struggles and conflicts

Both Nancy and I have struggled greatly over the last four years. I have had seven visits to the hospital for procedures on my heart. This coincided by the collapse of one of our partnerships with an American Mission.

Five years ago my vision was to see 100 Roma Missionaries in RBU moving towards a self sustaining and self financing Mission that we would leave in Roma leadership and retire to a role of emeritus leaders turning up from time to bless the troops.

Now so much emphasis has been upon simply survival.

In the process dearest Nancy has suffered far more than me. I have worked on a basic philosophy that all people are complex, friends are very complex, co-workers are super complex and family members are off the charts complex.

As many of you know, I grew up in a home where the family made their own moonshine booze, my grandad ran an illegal gambling programme from the home, I was thrown out of school when I was 15 years old. The family was a neo Marxist socialist household. So for me everything and everyone is complex.

Dear Nancy is a good person. Her struggles over the last years would have sent most missionaries home.

Now more than ever a sense of following God through the storm rather than looking for shelter from the storm is our vision and our prayer.