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The Roma are the largest ethnic minority in Europe with 12 million people, speaking some 100 different languages and dialects. Discrimination,  social problems and lack of access to basic health and education services are part of life for almost all of them. RBU works together with local Roma churches to grow into strong, healthy communities.

Vision & Mission

We want to see the Bible accessible (translated if needed), literacy and social transformation through local churches. We are active in Church planting and resource development.


We could not do our work without a wonderful group of supporters. Contribute to the future of the church among European Roma. Support our work here.

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Our Ministries

We have two ministry priorities: church planting and resource development.

RBU has one church planting team working together with the Reformed Episcopal Church in Croatia. Click here for more information.

Our resource ministries focus on developing Bible-based resources. These resources are used by many different ministry-partners throughout the region.

UNA club: Bible clubs for children with a literacy component
Arăta Club: Bible and Discovery clubs for children and teens
Adunare Bible Studies for adults and families
Kaskada Mentoring programs

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A Time For Anger: Walls Created by The Media

By: Andrijana Nikolic Roma Live In Ghetto’s With Invisible Walls Created by The Media In fact, the reporting is almost always sensational and almost always negative. We read everyday news about ourselves. One Hundred Robberies in France carried out by Croatian Gypsy youth. We must stop Gypsy Crime. Gypsy children being thrown under cars and then …

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A Raging Sleep: But Who Sees It?

By: Misha Bakic Now I must share this because I really don’t have anywhere else, in the hope that through the social network we raise awareness of sexual exploitation, paedophilia and begging. Namely, the story is this. Last year, during the Leskovacke Rostiljijade (a huge annual meat grilling festival) a whole group of beggars were …

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Roma-to-Roma: Elvira interviews Natasha

Natasha is a Bayash Roma, who is married and has one daughter and graduated from the University of Zagreb as a Nurse Practitioner. She has been active in Christian work as well as pursuing her medical career and also running for the National Parliament in Croatia. She is currently working on the translation of the Bible into the Western …

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Mother India. The original home of the Roma – Part one

By: Misha Bakic On Friday 24th of November 2017, I was brutally attacked and brutally beaten up by a group of racial hooligans. They were beating me all over my body and especially in the area of my face and mouth and as a consequence of the attack I was bruised all over my body and I had severe bleeding on my lips and mouth. That night I …

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